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Before we get into the shipping costs and shipping processes, we should understand the different modes of shipping available from China to Dubai. Like any other international shipping, shipping cost from China can vary based on the mode of transport, shipping route, mode of container shipment (LCL and FCL), origin and destination ports and the goods.

Dubai to China

Modes of Transport
  • Air Cargo: For smaller quantity of goods and faster transport from China to Dubai, you can opt for the air freight from China. Air freight rates will be costlier than sea freight but takes only 2-5 days for the whole shipping process.
  • Sea Cargo: Sea Cargo is a more economical shipping mode that people usually opt for their goods from China. There are two main modes of container shipments for the sea freight from the China to the United Arab Emirates.

Full Container Load (FCL) where the customer puts all his items in one full container either in a 20feet or a 40feet container and ships from China. This is the cheapest mode of cargo for people who wants to import bulk materials from China including furniture, clothes, electronics, toys and other materials. It is the best way of shipping bulk materials as it is very cost-effective and easily trackable.

Less than container Loads (LCL) where the customer puts his items inside a container where the items from different customers are also put into a common container.

This is a cheap mode of transport for people who import less than container loads as the customer have to pay only for the space they are using in a container.

The usual time for shipping via FCL or LCL from different ports in China can vary from 15 to 30 days depending on the Port of Loading (POL) and Port of Discharge (POD).

The shipping rates, both for air freight rates and the ocean freight rates can also vary based on the product as it can directly influence the import taxes and customs duties.

FCL Rates as of June 2024 (Freight Charges)

FCL Shipping Rates from China to Dubai

LCL rates

The LCL rates can vary based on the goods, available space in the upcoming LCL container, properties of the goods (Fragility) and other factors. You can contact West Golden Cargo LLC directly for the quotes for your LCL shipments.

Door to Door services from China to Dubai

West Golden Cargo LLC can offer you door to door services for all your shipments from China whether it be FCL, LCL, business, personal or even small carton boxes and the best thing is that you pay only for the space you use.

In a door-to-door service, you will be given the total cost for shipping from China to Dubai including freight charges, customs clearance charges from both ends, customs duties and taxes, pickup and delivery charges from both sides. This is the easiest choice a person can make as he can be at ease and West Golden Cargo LLC makes sure your goods reach the destination on time. Once the customer gives the details of the goods, WGC givers the quotation based on the volume in cbm.

The shippers can also utilize the experience of our expert logistics team to make sure that you have expert help with the freight, clearance and transportation of goods from the origin to the destination for your shipping services.

Customs duties and charges

When sending goods to the UAE, understanding taxes and fees is important. For items valued under AED 1000 or gifts worth less than AED 3000, no taxes or fees apply. However, for regular and business-related imports, a standard rate of 5% based on the item’s CIF value is typically levied.

Additional factors to consider include the business’s registration location (mainland or free zone), the nature of the goods, their origin and destination, and any existing trade agreements.

Notably, alcoholic products are subject to a 50% duty, while tobacco products face a 100% customs duty.

Remember, customs duties are calculated based on the CIF value of the products. These can directly impact Dubai to China shipping cost. 

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Before bringing goods from China to the UAE, it’s important to make sure they’re not on the list of things you can’t bring into the country. We recommend reaching out to our team at WGC, who can check with UAE customs to confirm if your items are allowed.

Some items, like pets, agricultural products, food, medicines, vehicles, publications, weapons, and certain technical equipment, require special permits for import/export.

However, there are items that are strictly prohibited from entering the UAE, such as drugs, pirated content, counterfeit money, materials related to black magic or sorcery, publications conflicting with Islamic beliefs, endangered animals, certain dog breeds, and gambling tools.


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