Customs Clearance for Banned / Restricted goods to Dubai

Libas A

Libas A

For the survival of any business in the UAE, you have to come across import/export requirements one way or the other. At West Golden Cargo LLC, we triumph with our capabilities in import/export and clearance making it easy for our customers to engage and benefit from international trade with ease.

Customs clearance prohibited items

The one thing that any business may forget while doing import/export is customs clearance. For general cargo like Furniture, shoes, bags or any other, you will require only the basic documents such as

  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of Origin

These documents are essential to clear any shipment from the Customs department in Dubai. You may require more documents if your product falls under the categories of Banned/Restricted goods.

UAE has a very strict policy on the import/export of the goods from and to Dubai. It is very important to obtain information regarding the customs clearance procedure for your products before sending it to Dubai/UAE. Certifications from various governmental authorities are required for the clearance of shipments that contain restricted/prohibited goods. Some of them are as follows.

  • Ministry of Health and prevention – For the shipments that contain Medical/Surgical and pharmaceutical goods.
  • National Media Council – Print materials, Publications and other media related products.
  • Ministry of Defense / Armed Forces / Ministry of Interior – Arms, ammunitions, explosives, and fireworks.
  • Ministry of Climate Change & Environment – Live animals, Plants, Fertilizers and insecticides.
  • Dubai Police – Alcoholic beverages.
  • Dubai Municipality – Foodstuffs, Personal care and cosmetics products.
  • Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation – Nuclear energy related goods.
  • Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology – Tyres.
  • UAE Kimberley Process Office – Rough Diamonds.

Several other documents maybe required based on the product/its specifications.

It is advised to take advice/service from West Golden Cargo LLC or any other customs agent in Dubai before planning to import/export goods to avoid delay / rejection on the clearance of the product.


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